inky flinky

gah mum just broke my knitting mug :/ she didn’t mean to, but i only just got it in a recent swap.  Speaking of swaps, the creature i’m meant to be crafting for my partner isn’t coming along at all :/  Its the third time i’ve tried making something and have it fall flat on its face

Cmon brain think!



Got my yarn books a couple of days ago and have had a great time flicking  through them.  Am crafting up something small for the mythical creature swap I’m in, so hopefully I will finish it tomorrow 🙂  Then I will go back to crafting this other project that has me wanting to rip out my hair

In other news i’m starting to find knitting relaxing 🙂

write this

I need to get back to working on my novels. I’ve got two, one is halfway through the first draft and the other is just beginning. So i’m going to work out a routine that best fits me.


I just ordered the following from book depository;

*Amigurumi-Super happy cute crochet

*101 one skein wonders

I so

I really need to work through my yarn stash! its starting to take over my bedroom 😛


I will be sending off  my swappee’s green parcel today 😀  I just have to get a few more things, write a little  note and I can send it off!  Yay!  It feels great not to have to worry about uni for a month, I can do whatever I want!  yeah no guilt!

I have come across a facial piercing that I really want.  Unfortunately I can’t get it don, as it would really limit my job prospects, plus I will be starting my placement soon and i’m not going to be allowed to walk around this hospital with it.

I Love it!

a girl can dream right?

Its been a long time since i’ve updated.  Where do I start?  Fingers  crossed I pass my social work subjects so I can attempt my final placement (roll on degree).  I’ve taught myself to knit,  but don’t know what to tackle next?  I really love these http://stitchnsnitch.wordpress.com/2009/02/27/jacobs-knucks/  But in all honesty the only projects that I see that get really enthusiastic about are one’s that are for people who have been knitting for some time.  I don’t want to start on a dishcloth or a scarf :/.  I’m a brat.  So i’ve gone back to crochet until I can attempt something knit wise that will make me smile.

I have been writing a little bit, uni has taken up alot of my time, so my personal writing has fallen by the wayside.  Oh I got a new deck of cards, Flower speaks oracle.  They are so pretty and they go well with my love of gardening.